sexta-feira, 11 de abril de 2008

Crowd at Heathrow for GAFE

A roudy crowed of... well... 3 people and 1 dog... were waiting for many hours for the on-time arrival of the first athletes from GAFE, the widely popular running group from Lisbon.

The 2 representatives were absolutely stormed by the crowed asking for autographs, Port wine, and other memorabilia... it was hectic! Even the Glasgow supporters (still drunk), were baffled by the confusion...

At the press conference, live in BBC, the main question was: When is the representative of Tibete arriving? And is his bodyguard (known in the secret service only as "NK") coming with him?? He is scary!

Next is meeting the Queen..

More news later...

GAFE President CF and his Secretary (and translator... looking for a job at Chelsea... now the other one has left).

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o Editor disse...

Vi na CNN que os "tabloídes" têm seguido todos os passos dos atletas. tendo inclusivé obtido fotos dos atletas a entrar numa clínica suspeita, acompanhados por um queniano de renome. Suspeita-se de doping (em hidratos) no queniano.